About this Experience


The Tarot Experience is meant to help you gain clarity and long-term Solutions.


Using my Three Card Method, the Tarot and I explain what you need to activate the energy within you to build the right attitude, new practices, and old habits to break to achieve your goals.


When we activate this source energy within you — your truest self you will begin to understand why old patterns no longer work for you, what traditions you should embrace and what new ones you can introduce.


This Experience can help you:


  • achieve inner peace

  • evoke self-love + acceptance

  • acknowledge + clear energetic blocks

  • get "unstuck"

  • answer questions to everyday issues

  • build confidence

  • attract the Love life you crave

  • bring more money into your life


and more.


Each Tarot Experience is done within the comfort of your own home via email, complete with Q&A. And for optimal clarity, the Experience closes with a colorfully designed infographic with Experience highlights and special notes sent to your inbox.


For even more unique readings, ask about:


  • Zodiac Readings

  • Pregnancy Readings

  • Creative's Block Readings

  • Chakra Readings

  • Self-Love Readings

  • Birthday Readings — makes a great gift!

The Tarot Experience

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What to Expect for Your


You are not be ready for this Experience is if you're looking for someone to tell you what you want to hear or to validate superficialities.


Instead, your Experience will tell you how to create the life you’ve been living in your mind — or have yet to imagine. With this Experience, you will glimpse at what your Highest Life looks like and how to do the energy work that will clear your path to live that life, staying connected to your true self.

The Tarot Experience Includes: 


  • Four-Email Reading — equivalent to a 30 minute in-person Reading

  • Full three-card spread with photography

  • Three intuitive Q&A

  • Vibrant Infographic for Clarity Reference


Join me in discovering the path you know you were meant to follow with the guidance of tarot.


Once the Experience Form above and payment are received, the Tarot Experience follows a Four-Email Sequence:


Email One:

  • A Welcome email where we discuss how the cards and I can best help your current situation. We will develop the best question for you to ask the Tarot.

Email Two arrives on the day + time you schedule your Tarot Experience.

Email Two:

  • A full three-card spread aligned with your intention to discover answers.

  • An intuitive reading of the cards' messages along with photography capturing your spread.

  • Once you are done reading, this opens the Experience to our optional Q&A. If you wish for deeper clarity, reply with up to three questions based on your reading. Take up to 24 hours!

If you are satisfied without needing the Q&A, skip it! I'll reply to you with email four ​after 24 hours.


Email Three:

  • Your questions are channeled and answered by me.


Email Four:

  • Our Experience comes to a close with your Clarity Infographic + reading highlights.

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