15 min — $25.00

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60 min — $85.00

The Reiki Experience


Join Deanna Rose in this energetic exchange by audio. Take back your wholeness with a powerful energy healing.

Each Reiki Experience comes with:

  • a guided meditation unique to you and your Experience intention, for your listening + healing during our session

  • A one-page Intuitive Energy Report of suggestions on self-care + well being, based on your Chakra Energy System

The practice of Reiki is less than 200 years old but believes in the ancient idea of a life force energy that is responsible for encouraging emotional + physical healing as well as overall well-being.

Distant Reiki, also called Remote Reiki, shouldn’t be misconstrued as less powerful than an in-person session. The amount of distance between the healer + recipient doesn’t matter in the least. 

The list of benefits from a Distant Reiki Healing is a long one.

Benefits include but are not limited to:


  • increases energy

  • decreases pain and stress

  • Kick starts the body's natural healing and immune system

  • better sleep quality

  • sparks creativity

  • feeling more compassionate

  • releases addictions 

  • facing life’s contrasts with ease

  • improves relationships

  • speedy recoveries

  • improves emotional state 

  • inspires aligned action

  • clears mind clutter

  • eases death + the dying

  • feeling relaxed and confident under pressure 

  • grief recovery

  • financial abundance

When applying Continuous Distant Reiki, which comes with every Reiki Experience, these benefits magnify.


This gives boost to those who need energy, intensive healing or stress relief.

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This Experience brings the power of Reiki to you straight from the comfort of your home...or wherever you choose to play it.

As a Reiki Healer and Master, my healings access all energetic levels:

  • emotionally

  • physically

  • spiritually

  • mentally 

There are many possibilities and benefits to Reiki, one being that it transcends both time and space. Distant Reiki allows the Healer to connect with you psychically, from anywhere in the world.


Reiki Healers and Masters have been sending Distant Reiki Healings through audio, thought, and telephone for generations. This is due to the fact that the Reiki Master acts as a conduit for our life-force energy that harmonizes and restores our bodies, minds, and spirits.


"Within the framework of our physical world, everything has to be done in person. If you need a haircut, a massage, dental work, manicure or blood test, it cannot be done by distance. It has to be done in person. There has to be a physical connection made with your body and that is where Reiki is different." 

- The Peaceful Runner

The Reiki Experience comes in a Two-Email Sequence:

Email One:


  • Your personalized pre-recorded meditation arrives in your inbox the DAY + TIME of our scheduled Experience. Instructions inside the email show you where to press play.

  • Once I send your first email, I will begin the healing within 5 minutes. Make sure to open the email + press play immediately after you receive Email One so you can get comfortable + enjoy right away.

Listen somewhere you won't be disturbed.

When our pre-recorded meditation stops, our session is over. However, as Reiki energy transcends time + space, Continuous Distant Reiki energy will continue to flow to you for an additional 72 hours. 

Life can resume as normal but make sure to be particularly kind to yourself during this time.

Email Two:


  • Within 48 hours of our scheduled Experience, you will receive a your Intuitive Energy Report containing any details to further your healing picked up during our session. The Report also comes with intuitive guidance for your personal self-care + well-being.


Your Intuitive Energy Report will come with a printable PDF version, yours to keep and refer back to.

This concludes our Reiki Experience together.

Request a specific healing intention or allow me to direct the Reiki energy where it needs to go


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