What is a Gratitude Gift (And Why You Want One)

Updated: Jun 12

You’ve probably read or noticed my “Ask about your Free Gratitude Gift” exclamations by now. Here I will explain:

  • what these handmade products are

  • how you can receive your Gratitude Gift

  • why you should definitely opt-in for one!

Let’s get into what it means when you order a Gratitude Gift from me.

This world is made up of giving and receiving energy.

In other words:

  • you get what you think about

  • what goes around comes around

  • we give what we get

and so on.

The more gratitude you express, the higher your vibration is.

What is Vibration?

Humans are energetic beings and that same energy makes up the world around us. We all radiate an energetic vibration out into the universe. That life-force then reflects back into our lives.

If I sound a little crazy, that’s just fine but stay with me. I promise we’re getting to the fun part.

This energy inspired me to dedicate an entire entry on what it means to opt-in for my Gratitude Gifts, what exactly a Gratitude Gift is, and what you can expect to receive.

When I started developing ideas for my business, I knew from the beginning I wanted to give something back. The idea that struck and resonated with me was to make something for my clients; a token of thanks for their business, for believing in my abilities and sincerest intentions to help.

That’s when I came up with the Gratitude Gift.

How to Get Your Gratitude Gift

When you purchase one or more of my Experiences — any of them — you have the opportunity to opt-in for a Gratitude Gift shipped directly to your door.

Once you let me know you’re interested, I securely retrieve your shipping address and the Gratitude Gift is intuitively selected for you.

Email updates from USPS keep you in the loop with shipment and delivery. International orders welcome!

While I select Gratitude Gifts by order, they are one of four trinkets; all of which honor each of the four elements.

For now, the Gratitude Gifts are the following:


Hand-Poured Candles


The Earth Alchemist Face Mask





Each Gift is a sample size of real handcrafted collections that will be available for purchase in the upcoming months at my store.

Remember when I said to stay tuned? There are lots of good things coming!

Gifts of Earth and Fire

— Hand-Poured Candles —

My eco-friendly candles are 100% vegan + all natural. These perfectly imperfect trinkets come in recycled jars I personally collected, so each one is as unique as the last.

Can you say adorable? What about charming? Because these candles are all those things!

They’re ideal for uplifting a small space with curated scent, completing rituals, practicing self-care, and connecting with the fire element.

Samples burn between 14-17 hours.

— The Alchemist Earth Mask —

Become your own skincare Alchemist with this handmade mixture. A Mix-Yourself face mask, my formula blends with any of your skin's favorite liquid. It only takes about one tablespoon of either distilled water, apple cider vinegar, rose water, witch hazel, or any other liquid base you wish.

Along with your own applicator wand, You will receive a vial that contains all-natural ingredients straight from the earth: Aztec clay, dandelion root, cocoa, and organic coffee.

That’s it. Seriously. It's muddy. It's natural. It's everything your skin asks for.

Perfect for any skin type + gender, this mask extracts toxins, tones skin + calms inflammation while giving your face much needed love + connection with earth energy.

Made from volcanic ash, the clay nourishes the skin with every mineral present on earth. When applied to the skin, the negatively charged mask is able to lift impurities and toxins — which carry a positive charge — from the SKIN.

I like to call it "beauty-science."

Apply this earth mask in five easy steps:

You can BLEND the mask either in the vial it arrived in or you can pour the contents into a non-metal mixing bowl.

  • Pour one tablespoon of your liquid of choice into the dry mixture. Using the applicator wand attached to your vial, stir the ingredients for one-two minutes or until smooth.

  • Smooth a thin layer of the earth mask over your face and neck.

If the mixture still seems too dry, add a little more liquid until the mask is thick but spreadable.

  • Sensitive or dry skin types: keep the mask on for 5-10 minutes.

  • All other skin types: kick back for up to 10-20 minutes.

The healing clay in the mask naturally dries and cracks on the skin, leaving a tightening sensation. Relax. This is normal! The clay is extracting toxins from your skin. Just take a breath and allow the earth to do its thing.

  • Rinse off the mask completely with cool water.

Redness is also normal on the skin for about 30 minutes after washing. This is a good sign!

  • And finally, bask in your soft, clean, and refreshed skin.

The face mask gift comes in a vial large enough to share with a loved one or if you’re looking for some extra self-care, keep it all to yourself to use down your neck and decolletage.

You can blend the mask either in the vial it arrived in or you can pour the contents into a non-metal mixing bowl.

As these tokens of thanks align further with my mission, the second and third elements will be available as Gratitude Gifts as well.

I’m so excited to keep sharing with you and expressing my deepest appreciation.

It’s because of my clients, because of YOU, I can do what I love;to use my intuition to help, heal, and create. That deserves my gratitude a thousand times over.

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There you have it. Opt-in for my Gratitude Gifts to receive healing and empowering energy from me and the elements.

Check back for Gratitude Gift updates!

Gratitude + Namaste,

Deanna Rose


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