The Defining Guide to Phrasing a Tarot Card Question

Updated: Apr 6

You did it.

You took a deep breath + sought out the answers you’ve been searching for.

You may have already booked a Tarot Experience from The Experiences Shop.

There are things going on in your life that you want answers to.

Now what?

This guide will teach you:

  • How to align with your intuition before forming your question for the tarot

  • Everything to consider when deciding what to ask

The last thing you want, + certainly the last thing I want for you, is to wonder if you got enough out your Tarot Experience. It starts with forming the right question.

Consider Your Intention + Subject

Let’s start broad by figuring out your intention for your Tarot Experience. What would you like to get out of it? Around 99% of the time, my clients want one simple thing: to improve their current life experience.

Absolutely the tarot + I can help with that.

To dig a little deeper into your intentions, we can figure out the topic of your question.

If you could divide your life into subjects or categories (finances, love, career, relationship with self) which subject do you feel could use improvement?

If you can’t pinpoint a topic, going completely general works. I offer Topic Suggestions in The Experiences Shop but feel free to branch out from my recommendations, if that aligns with your truth.

Are you having trouble in your love life? Your career? Maybe you wish to develop a deeper love for yourself. Take a few breaths + mentally scan your present physical life. Where do you feel resistance? What parts create anxiety for you? That’s the right topic for your Experience. Don’t be afraid to take some time + ponder this.

For argument's sake, let's say you chose finances as your topic. you could ask: “How do I create the financial life I desire?” The trick is to have some idea of what you want that life to look like.

Don't Focus on the Struggle

No pressure, but this is a big one. We already know there's an area (or areas) that are causing you discord. However, if we are going to get you to a place of satisfaction + peace, we cannot — I repeat — CANNOT wallow in the struggle. When we focus on the hardships or events in the past that got us to this point, all that will do is infuse more energy into the situation; when what we want is to move that energy forward from the past, our trauma, our struggles.

Instead of: I got laid off from my job. Why can't I find my dream career? I've tried to find jobs that will put me on the right path but no one is hiring + when they are it's too competitive. What should I do?

Try: It's important to me that I'm fulfilled in my job position. I know what I want out of a career. What's blocking me?

Consider the Life You Created in Your Mind

Take another few breaths + think about the life have you created in your mind, the type of life you catch yourself daydreaming about. What does your chosen life topic look like in those daydreams?

For example: if you chose Finances as your Topic, what kind of financial life do you want? What have you pictured as your perfect financial life?

That life you’ve created in your mind can manifest into your physical life with the help of the tarot.

If you’re still a little stuck when forming a question that’s aligned with your highest good, don’t be afraid to dig deep here too. This is your question. You get from the tarot what you put into it. Relax + allow your intuition to guide you. It will tell you what part of your life needs your attention.

Steer Clear from Asking a "Yes" or "No" Question

While asking the tarot a question that provides a simple one-word answer, like “yes” or “no,” sounds convenient, the cards supply so much more than that.

Tarot cards are chatty, meaning that they have much more to offer than a one-word answer. The cards open us up to worlds of possibilities, explanations, + choices.

Staying with our example topic of finances, here’s what I mean:

Instead of asking, “Will I ever be rich?

Try asking the tarot, “How can I open myself up + allow a life of abundance?

Can you feel the difference? We want to get down to the nitty-gritty of what’s keeping you from ultimate alignment + living your highest life. This is a time for exploration, not easy answers + corner-cutting.

Consider Focusing on Yourself

This applies to every topic we can ask the tarot, but I’d like to focus on questions around love for this listing.

It’s tempting to ask about other people in your Tarot Experience. We’d all love to know why our partner acted particularly pissed off one day or if our crush is actually in love with someone else. This kind of thinking is normal.

However ...

this is an Experience for you + no one else. Neither you, I, or anyone has control over another person — not even the tarot. With this in mind, we need to concentrate on the things you can control.

For example: Instead of using your Tarot Experience to ask about the cute person you met at the bar last weekend, we can ask about something you can control like, “What’s keeping me from attracting love + romance?

Another example would be instead of dwelling on something or someone you have no control over, like asking, “Will my husband get a new job?” try a new perspective with, “How can I enjoy an abundant life with my family?”

Consider Not Asking Something Too Predictive

Just as we don’t want others having control over us, we don’t want to give the cards control over lives either — our future is our responsibility.

Your future is up to you. With this in mind, asking the tarot something like, “Will I get this job?” vs. “How can I best prepare for this job interview?” will more likely provide constructive answers you can put into action.

The tarot is less about direct fortune telling + more about what you can do in this present moment; the cards concentrate on your journey into your future. Can you feel the difference?

This may seem like a lot information.

That's okay — take a deep breath in + slowly breathe out.

Finding the right question to ask the tarot can feel overwhelming. But never fear because no matter what, all you need to do is have an intention; to gain clarity, confidence, enlightenment, a new outlook, whatever you wish.

Gratitude + Namaste,

Deanna Rose


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